The first international/Asia Pacific Mori丁香花在线son KSi conference took place in Bangkok直播姑娘, Thailand on 10-13 November.

The successful conference combined a varie姑娘高清dbusiness and social programme with the p直播成全rinciplefocus on networking and uncov影院高清版ering business opportunities.

The conference welcomed a number 国语动漫of high-profilespeakers includ影院影院ing well-known author and speakMV艺术er,Fredrik Haren whose keynote “One Company.One W中文版美丽orld” was extremely well received. Ni艺术直播dhiKush Shah from Alchemy Consu动漫影院lting, provided anexcellent session on 影院资源inter-cultural communicationand aware美丽影院ness.

Other sessions included sharing success中文版TV stories onmember collaboration, assoGO高清版ciation updates and theever-popuGO中文版lar speed networking.

The agenda also included interactive C免费大地ommonInterest Groups (Audit and Accounting,免费免费 CorporateFinance, Marketing and Tax) which as a影院影院lways were extremely popular with del美丽大地egates.

In addition to the professional progr在线MVamme, guests enjoyed a variety of socia成全影院l activities, including dinner at one of美丽在线 the highest rooftop bars in the world and a te美丽成全am-building day where guests worked姐姐中文版 together to navigate their way aro资源在线und the city, completing a series of team cha免费国语llenges. The conference finished with a specia飘雪艺术l gala dinner where guests enjoyed成全美丽 a sumptuous Thai banquet.

Thanks to all firms which attended and 国语资源contributed to the great success of thGO大地e first international/Asia Pacific Morison KSi co直播高清版nference! On behalf of all mem姐姐大地ber firms, thanks are due to host firms, Mori影院中文版son CKS Co., Ltd and P.S. Account好姑娘中文版ing Co. Ltd., whose efforts and support were gTV好姑娘reatly appreciated.

The next Morison KSi International c中文版GOonference will take place in Mexico Ci姑娘资源ty on 16–19 November 2017.